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VU+ Duo2 can only use 2 out of 4 tuners at once

12 November 2018 - 21:57

I am experiencing a problem with my VU+ Duo2 and using more than 2 Tuners.
Have a Duo2 with 4 tuners, connected with SatCR to a T-55 pointing towards 5E and 0.8W.

For a while now, I have only been able to use 2 of the tuners at once.
Earlier there was a problem with the drivers that was solved so thats not it, but this issue too seems to me as more of a software than hardware related problem.

Symptom is that I can use any two tuners at once(a+b, a+c, a+d, b+c, b+d, c+d) but as soon as I use a third and/or fourth tuner the third and fourth one gives me "tuning failed" and the first two activated drop out for a second every now and then.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I haven't had ay green screen or crsh related to this, but when checking info in the menu, the box only reports 2 tuners, A and B.


I am using latest version of 6.2 (updated today) and have checked every cable, connection and tunermodule and nothing is loose or twisted or not fitted properly.



Problem after upgrading to 6.1

24 January 2018 - 20:06



Have a Vu+ Duo2 with 4 S2-tuners, which use SatCR/Unicable config.


After upgrading to 6.1 I can no longer use all 4 tuners.

As soon as i record or stream from 3 tuners, using a 4th tuner freezes ALL tuners

There are no changes made to the settings.

Anyone else experiencing the same type of problems?

I'm going to try and reinstall 6.0 and see if the problem persists, but i doubt it.

I remember the error with initialization of the tuners in 6.0, which was solved with a workaround (thanks to whoever it was came up with the solution), can this be something that is related to that and is related to the drivers (i.e out of the Pliteams control)?