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#932875 Virgin UK/Ireland

Posted by catlover on 11 September 2018 - 00:52




Hello Doglover, i hope you are well.


Virgin have just launched a few HD channels in the UK, I am posting their Ref below as their EPG is blank.


Sony TV HD

Sref: 1_0_19_C87_20_F020_FFFF0000_0_0_0              1:0:19:C87:20:F020:FFFF0000:0:0:0:


Zee Cinema HD

Sref: 1_0_19_B5B_1D_F020_FFFF0000_0_0_0              1:0:19:B5B:1D:F020:FFFF0000:0:0:0:


Sony Max HD

Sref: 1_0_19_DB3_23_F020_FFFF0000_0_0_0               1:0:19:DB3:23:F020:FFFF0000:0:0:0:


Living Foods HD

Sref: 1_0_19_C23_1F_F020_FFFF0000_0_0_0               1:0:19:C23:1F:F020:FFFF0000:0:0:0:


(ps I also updated to latest Openvix image, updated ABM and downloaded EPG again just now to make sure I am not using an older buggy download)


I would be most appreciative if you could add these.

Thank you Doglover :)