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In Topic: OpenPLi 7.1 » Stable release

13 August 2019 - 11:48

Hmmm, after posting I did an update check and it only took around 10 seconds to find no update.


In Topic: OpenPLi 7.1 » Stable release

13 August 2019 - 10:26


I have the same issue. Sure that this is not a local problem with your or my internet provider or network devices. I think this is a global problem with PLi.


Do you two by any chance have IPv6 active in the LAN?


I do and always have done since v6 began to be used by my provider (Sky UK).


Never had any issues with searching for updates before past couple of weeks.

Always taken around 30 seconds maximum.

In Topic: OpenPLi 7.1 » Stable release

12 August 2019 - 13:30




VU Ultimo 4k.
Since the last software update, it is taking a very long time to search if there is an update or not.
Before I look deeper, is anyone having this issue?


I’ve been informed that the DNS of the download has been changed what might cause some temporarely delay.

I just timed a search to see if there is an update available and it took around 15 minutes.


Check that you didn't harcode some IP resoltion into:

cat /etc/hosts

The use nslookup to resolve: downloads.openpli.org download1.openpli.org and finally download2.openpli.org

And check if you can resolve all of them.




Where do I find cat/etc/hosts?


I see no dir called cat?




Sadly, I still have the problem with searching for any s/w update. It always takes around 15 minutes to complete the search. It did seem to be fixed after I rebooted the router but that no longer helps.

To make matters worse, now when doing the update, it just hangs and I always have to power off and on.

I am going to do a re-flash of the software and hope that fixes my issues.

In Topic: OpenPLi 7.1 » Stable release

3 August 2019 - 14:05

Problem solved. :D


I rebooted my router and now is all good.

In Topic: OpenPLi 7.1 » Stable release

3 August 2019 - 13:46

I have not personally changed any hosts file either on the Ultimo 4k or my PC.


This issue has only been there since the last software update.

I check daily and always update.