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OpenPli 8.1 - set text colors

4 November 2021 - 21:58

Hi, may i ask how to colorise some text such as first word with default color and end with red for example in some skin label element? In previous version 7.3 works ok but in new version 8.1 works diffrently but i can't find why. My working code is such as: '%s\\c%s%s' % (text1, escColorFromHexStr, text2) build: 20211031

Add new plugin to feed

30 September 2021 - 09:56

Hi guys,


is it possible to add new plugin to official feed? If yes can someone help and create it there? Because i dont know nothing about bitbake :). Source code i cant send later.

short desc: it shows additional info about EPG item mainly for SK|CZ countries from this  CSFD page.


And second question if i want to add couple of choice under RedButton (Zap, find in Imdb or CsfdLite) of GraphMultiEPG plugin is this a right place where i should do the changes (pull request) github: OpenPLi/enigma2/tree/develop/lib/python/Plugins/Extensions/GraphMultiEPG?



Best regards