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In Topic: New drivers VU Ultimo 4K for Powervu without streaming?

9 November 2017 - 12:43

Deleted misleading info. Sorry.

In Topic: OpenPLI 6 can't install HBBTV

9 November 2017 - 12:34

I use the same drivers in OpenPLi v4 as those found in OpenPLi v6. Vu+ drivers I mean.

(I always set new drivers as I still haven't lost the hope that new drivers would improve scrolling without breaking anything else. Never happened yet though.)

In Topic: OpenPLI 6 can't install HBBTV

7 November 2017 - 21:18

@Erik: I understand your point, still it is hard to argue with the facts: rock solid OpenPLi v4 vs. OpenPLi v6 frequent spontaneous reboots. Something does not fit obviously without apparent culprit.

In Topic: OpenPLI 6 can't install HBBTV

7 November 2017 - 14:54


I've tested OpenPLi 6 on my vu+duo2 with aforementioned package, many thanks to athoik. It worked well for me, just make sure you install only that one package, no other hbbtv or opera related packages from the feeds. The only inconvenience was that plugin presented itself in the main menu instead of blue button menu (I could "correct" that in py file easily though).


Let me state it plain: hbbtv solution present in OpenPLi 6 feeds does not work.

It can be installed (following wiki hint), it can be started, but nothing is displayed - yet the enigma interface is "frozen" as if hbbtv was started ok. After pressing exit button I could return to enigma; exactly the same way as if hbbtv was working ok. No crash log at that time, nothing in enigma2 log when started in command line.In short: everything works as expected except there is no hbbtv on the screen :wacko: .

On the other hand, opera browser itself can be stared without problems.


Regret to say I had to abandon 'OpenPLi 6 stable' at all as, contrary to its name claim, I had many unexpected reboots with no traces to follow (no crash dumps, dmesg rotated), but this is another story...

In Topic: error message when upgrading ET4000 with PLi 4 release

3 November 2017 - 17:28

@alabama: thank you, I haven't spotted it myself somehow.


@Erik: just flashing then setting password, setting date to current (so my local updates carry correct date), blocking ftp & telnet, and then the opkg update returned that error. But as alabama noted it was due to duplicated line in the opkg.conf file:

# Default destination for installed packages
dest root /
option lists_dir /var/lib/opkg
option lists_dir /var/lib/opkg

I tired to confirm that it is in opkg_0.2.4-r0.2_mips32el.ipk that way but for some reason ar x couldn't understand format.