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In Topic: Update of the XMLTV sources

11 November 2018 - 16:23

who could leave me the last source.xlm file

In Topic: [FR 5W] Missing Channels

21 November 2017 - 13:54

Already present:


Line 5683: <!-- 5.0W --><channel id="BFMSport.fr">1:0:19:57A:5398:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0: </channel><!-- BFM SPORT -->
Line 5684: <!-- 5.0W --><channel id="BFMSport.fr">1:0:19:57A:5398:55F:FFCE0000:0:0:0: </channel><!-- BFM SPORT -->



I do not understand, I have no EPG on these 2 ref.
what source do I have to take.
Can anyone confirm that there is EPG
Thank you

In Topic: [FR 5W] Missing Channels

18 November 2017 - 14:15

Thank you can you add BFM SPORT  1:0:19:57A:5398:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0

In Topic: [FR 5W] Missing Channels

16 November 2017 - 14:25

Some new channels on 5W


BFM SPORT                                1_0_19_57A_5398_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0 

BFM PARIS                                  1_0_19_57B_5398_55F_DDE0000_0_0_0

BFM Business                              1_0_1_C8_4EE8_55F_DDE0000_0_0_0

Discovery channel France            1_0_19_518_5208_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

Discovery Family France              1_0_19_51B_5208_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

Discovery Investigation France    1_0_19_51A_5208_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

Discovery Science                        1_0_19_519_5208_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

My cuisine                                     1_0_19_517_5208_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

E!                                                   1_0_19_580_5398_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

Altice studio                                  1_0_19_516_5208_55F_DDE0000_0_0_0

I24 News en fran├žais                    1_0_19_57D_5398_55F_DDE0000_0_0_0