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18 November 2017 - 18:30

Hi to all,

The following ipk file is the sftcam `ncam-reloaded version 1.6 release 1`. It is built for Vu+ solo4k with OpenPLi 6.

Main features: Fast zapping, web interface (on port 17001) refreshes every 15 seconds, of course you can go to http://ip_of_your_vu+solo4k:17001 and change the port, and the version is built with ssl support.

The config files will be installed in /etc/tuxbox/config/mohncam; in this way all your config files in /etc/tuxbox/config  stay untouched.

Following is useful, but not necessary:

In case you don't see the channel name/provider in the web interface you should clean the content of ncam.srvid2. You can clean => erase the content of that file in the web interface as shown in image_2.png or go to /etc/tuxbox/config/mohncam and open that file, erase all it's content and save. it will be filled with the channel names when you zap