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In Topic: iptables error (modinfo module not found)

1 February 2021 - 11:25

We haven't changed anything. The kernel defconfig is part of the BSP, which is maintained by the vendor. So if stuff is missing, it's because they haven't enabled it in the defconfig.


The first step is to compile a complete list of CONFIG values that need to be enabled, with that we can ask the vendors to update it.


I have a VU+ Uno 4K SE. I have noticed that the kernel has been stuck at version: '4.1.20-1.9' for at least two years now. Can we expect the vendor to provide updates frequently? Which vendors provide frequent updates? I am concerned that security updates are and missing kernel modules are not being provided.


I think securing a device with an (iptables) access-list is a good thing, even if the device is not directly connected to the Internet.


I hope to find the ip_tables and masquerade modules will be provided for the VU+ Uno 4K SE.


I would like to configure my decoder to run openvpn and have it masquerade traffic from other devices on my LAN that use the decoder as default gateway.