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OpenWebif not working for stream channels

26 October 2019 - 13:47




I have a Vu+ Ultimo4K with OpenPLi 7.0-release (2019-09-09-release-7.1) installed.

All satellite functions a working great but now I like to go a step further with stream channels.


I installed a channel list (hans) which contains many streams to free television stations, webcams,… On the television, I can watch this channels without any problem. I also added my own IP camera, it’s also working great on my TV.


Unfortunately, on my computer using OpenWebif, I can’t watch this streams at all, VLC won’t open. It only works for normal satellite channels.


Does anyone have a solution?


Another issue is that Web TV, isn’t working at all, the plug-in isn’t supported. I tried it with several browsers. If the VLC link would work for the streams, this is not a problem for me.



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