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Zgemma/OpenPLi 6.2/DVB-T2/Ask for help

13 September 2018 - 11:06

I have 2 Zgemma devices with their respective DVB-T2 tuners:


1. Zgemma H.2H (Tuner B: ATBM7811/DVB-T2)

2. Zgemma H5.2S Plus (Tuner C: Si2169/DVB-T2)


They have the same respective firmware images version OpenPLi 6.2 stable release (openpli-6.2-release-h3-20180911/openpli-6.2-release-h5-20180911).


The DVB-T2 antenna signal and the configuration is the same for 2 devices.


When I scan channels with Zgemma H.2H (Tuner B: ATBM7811/DVB-T2) all the channels are ok.


But when I scan channels with Zgemma H5.2S Plus (Tuner C: Si2169/DVB-T2) some channels are missing.


Zgemma H5.2S Plus (Tuner C: Si2169/DVB-T2) don't scan the channels for service provider DVB-T/CH 57/Frequency 762 MHz.


I'm asking for help to solve this defect. I am ready to collaborate and help you with everything you need.


I hope in the solution and thank you very much.