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Rollback OpenPli to OpenATV (Octagon sf108)

5 May 2018 - 15:00

Hello guys,


I'm very new to this forum and this system overall, so I'm sorry if i'm not that knowledgeable, or if the question is basic ;P


So, I am installing an Octagon SF108 E2 HD with an IPTV provider, but was missing EPG...


My STB was running OpenATV 6.1 without issues, but I was led to believe openpli would cover the EPG gap, but no luck... Now I was trying to rollback to the openatv but I just can't install the image in any way...


I never managed to update anything via the "normal" process of pressing the button while inserting an USB pen drive (not in the latest months...) So I think the button is just dead which will force me to flash anything via the GUI or Telnet (or any other ways you might teach me... :) )


So, in OpenATV there was a plugin that managed this installation, but now i'm not being able to install the image manually in any way :|


Could anyone direct me to a plugin or some other way to manage an update via the GUI, or Telnet?


Thank you so much guys!