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4 September 2018 - 22:50

2. I have a legal iptv sub. that after 1 year contact with them , they accept to support enigma2 with iptv script , but it does not have all channels that i want. Now i found another legal IPTV provider that also support enigma2 with script  ( iptv.sh ). But when when i enter the second iptv.sh it replace the first. Who can i have 2 iptv.sh at same time ?


Maybe rename first bouquet before installing the other one ?

In Topic: Openpli 6.2 crashes after today update online

4 September 2018 - 10:31

What do you mean "fix this" ? don't you have a full back up to restore ?

In Topic: Transcoded streaming in webif

31 August 2018 - 19:19

Config file was present after fresh install (at least with build 20180820) , but service was not started. I didn't have the idea to reboot and see what happens. Just picked the config file and restored my backup.

In Topic: Auto wakeup from deepstandby to standby

29 August 2018 - 12:44

It's definitely a bug. I tried the tip given in the screenshot below (which is supposed to fix my exact problem) and it doesn't work.



In Topic: Transcoded streaming in webif

29 August 2018 - 11:14

It seams the streamproxy does not (always) start after the first fresh installation... after a rebootn(or manual start) it is fine.


Right, that must be what happened when I tested it with a fresh install. I didn't try to reboot, just noticed that streamproxy was not running and came to a wrong conclusion.


Thanks, I will know it next time.