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delayed decoding - VU+ Uno 4K SE

12 February 2021 - 10:23



by my provider I'm now slowly forced to use CI+ modul with M7 Irdeto card instead of softcam.


So to utilize more tuners I'd like to use delayed decoding function.


Unfortunately I'm stuck in the beginning because it seems menu setting "don't descramble, record ecm" doesn't work. When recording starts I can't switch to other channels (only black screen) until recording is finished.


My tuners are setup right because recording and watching multiple channels work fine when I use my card in built in smard reader with oscam.


I've tried different settings with CI assignment plugin installed with different setups or with this plugin uninstalled and different settings in recording menu but wasn't able to make it work.


I also uninstall softcam plugin when trying CI modul.


Otherwise except this function (delayed decoding) openpli work flawlessly to watch TV witch this CI modul, channel zapping is fast and reliable.


Is someone using delayed decoding and have some hints?


Thanks a lot for reading.