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In Topic: help with 8.3 settings restore please

Today, 16:12

Parameters can be different between image so there is "protection" mechanism to avoid to restore setting from one image to another one.


So you have to find where OpenSPA create the backup, unpack it manually and copy manually the files, I guess that you mainly want to retrieve your userbouquet, lamedb et perhaps softcam setup those should be bring problems.

But you should probably avoid to restore the /etc/enigma2/settings file.

In Topic: Vu+ 4K Multiboot

Today, 14:35

So just for my personal understanding of the VU+ Multiboot process, can someone explain where are the slot stored and what the dependencies are between slots?


I was thinking that it will be possible to create the slot on the HDD (I have SSD in my boxes) but it seems by reading your comment that the slots are created in the flash itself, but the flash is not partitioned like a true multiboot STB is.

So slot 0 contains it all and slot 1,2,3 are "fake" slot created into slot 0.


Is it correct?


Would it be possible to create the slot on the internal HDD?

In Topic: Vu+ 4K Multiboot

Yesterday, 16:33

OK here is how I proceed:


- I had OpenPLi Nightly Build in both box

- I go into Flash Image and  use the initialize button to enable multiboot

- it took a few minutes and reboot the box

- MultiBoot was enabled

- I flash OpenPli nighty build into slot 1

- Restart on slot 1.

- Auto-install does the job


So today I have slot 0 and slot 1 with the same image.

I am now running the box with image in slot 1.


Image is up to date.


I go into flash image and here are the possible options.


Attached File  FlashImage.jpg   140.42KB   2 downloads


As you can see I am running now the image in slot 1, and I have no option to flash to slot 0.


Info: screenshot taken on the Solo 4K


To be sure I boot to slot 0 and check the Flash Image and there is no option to flash slot 0 neither.

In Topic: crash supcam on formuler f4 turbo

Yesterday, 15:11

supcam is an illegal provider please ask support to them.

In Topic: Vu+ 4K Multiboot

Yesterday, 15:03



I just test the multiboot and it is working fine on my Solo 4K and on my Duo 4K.


Can you please tell me where are the slot 1 to 3 created?


For people willing to test, you don't lose your current image which will be the one in slot 0.


But one remark, it is no longer possible to use online flash to flash slot 0, so I guess that it is normal and by design.