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In Topic: Feature Request

23 July 2014 - 21:00

I accept apologies from everyone, but there is no reason to call us lamers (= idiots) without any action from us. Nobody of VTi was involved in this discussion here but we were called lamers  (see post of littlesat).


Please delete my account now !

Thank you !

In Topic: Feature Request

23 July 2014 - 20:28

I don't know what you did with picon renderer, this is a "standard" call which can be found at different places in e2 ....


So the topic "mark recorded services in servicelist" is solved and closed for me.



But I see no reason to call us lamers if you believe this is correct, then please delete my account here.

In Topic: Feature Request

23 July 2014 - 19:02

int is_recording = 0;
		if ((show_rec_service || show_rec_icon) && isPlayable)
			ePyObject pArgs = PyTuple_New(1);
			PyTuple_SET_ITEM(pArgs, 0, PyString_FromString(ref.toString().c_str()));
			ePyObject pRet = PyObject_CallObject(m_recservice_fnc, pArgs);
			if (pRet)
				is_recording = PyInt_AsLong(pRet);
			if (is_recording && show_rec_service)
				if (m_color_set[serviceRecordingColor])



void eListboxServiceContent::setRECServiceFunction(ePyObject func)
	if (m_recservice_fnc)
	m_recservice_fnc = func;
	if (m_recservice_fnc)



As I wrote before, you will not use it due to your coding standards ...

In Topic: Feature Request

23 July 2014 - 18:57

The python function is called from listboxservice.cpp (I wrote servicelist.cpp in my previous post, that was a fault) as  ePyObject that's all

In Topic: Feature Request

23 July 2014 - 11:55

The vti lamers did put it in cpp...

Thank you !

There was never ever a bad word against you or PLi ! I'm really disappointed about your statement.

You only have to ask if you want some information.


You know it better than me, that you can't use our servicelist.cpp because you have done many changes at enigma2 and we use the vuplus enigma2.


Furthermore, It is not done in C++ it's a simple helper in python which check's the recording.

But I guess the way it is done in VTi will not pass your coding style requirements

from timer import TimerEntry
import NavigationInstance 

def recordService(service):
	if NavigationInstance.instance.getRecordings():
		for timer in NavigationInstance.instance.RecordTimer.timer_list:
			if timer.state == TimerEntry.StateRunning:
				if timer.justplay:
					timerservice = timer.service_ref.ref.toString()
					if timerservice == service:
						return 1
	return 0

And this is called from within the servicelist.cpp, thats's all