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In Topic: Script reboot

23 April 2022 - 08:59

Also tried that, but with backup. I will try one more time without backup and then i'm out of ideas..

In Topic: Script reboot

22 April 2022 - 17:50

I came across this topic after problems, that i had with my old VU Solo SE reappeared on VU Uno 4K.


The old box worked fine for quite some time, then all of the sudden it started to hang itself every single day. No firmware update helps, it simpy stops responding on the LAN, pressing button on remote makes the light blink, but nothing else happens so i must pull the plug to reset it. Then it works again for approximately a day. The box was used for streaming to clients over LAN. 


Then i bought new VU UNO 4K that worked fine for maybe a year or two, but now in the last two months it started to make completly the same problems as old SOLO SE. Firmware update doesn't help. How is that even possible?


OpenPLi 8.1-release (2022-01-20-release-8.1)


I was thinking about implementing daily reboot option if this would help in anyway, how to implement this properly?  I already have power socket connected to the internet to reboot it the hard way.