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Subtitles on AFN channels at 9E

25 January 2019 - 20:49

An interesting thing about AFN package at 9E.

Enigma2 boxes do not seem to recognize there may be subtitles included.

However, there are people reporting that subtitles (or "closed captions") are visible when streamed with VLC using OpenWebif.

Can someone please verify it?

If closed captions are indeed visible using VLC, is it possible to look into it from Enigma's point of view and make them available for Enigma2? ;)

Using a universal remote

23 October 2018 - 08:33



This thread is continues from this post:


Often, universal remotes do not have some specific keys commonly used on STB remotes such as AUDIO, TXT, SUBTITLE, PIP, HELP, TV, RADIO, FILELIST and others, maybe less important, such as TIMESHIFT, MARK, SEARCH, <, > (those next to "0").

I know it is possible to teach specific codes to the remote but the number of keys on a universal remote is limited and so not all keys can be mapped.

Actually, some of them do not have to be copied because the same functions can be performed using other keys or MENU entries, such as:



PIP - using BLUE



1. Is if it is possible to enter TELETEXT without using a specific TXT key, for example through MENU?

2. Is it possible to switch between RADIO and TV services from the MENU, without using separate TV and RADIO keys?


In my case it would be a waste of 3 rarely used keys having to assign those functions to them. Therefore I am looking for other ways to perform these functions.

By the way, to me 2 separate keys for RADIO and TV does seem to be a waste because 1 key working like a switch would be preferred. No?




4k stutter

30 September 2018 - 22:26


Could you please check if you experience the same on Hot Bird 4k1 channel?

When viewed, there is no sound and the picture is stuttering.

When recorded and viewed from the HDD, no problem - sound and picture are OK.

I am using a HD51 box.