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In Topic: problem in xtrend 6000

18 April 2019 - 11:51

I guess for what the et6x00 is worth you should wonder whether you’d better buy a new budget receiver.

 In my country satellite equipment is illegal, and because of this, all the receivers in the market are all Chinese and low quality, and on the other hand, this receiver has a lot of price (in the amount of two months' salary of a worker), which, if it is repaired, is much better than Buy a Chinese receiver and low quality, which has no function. The reason I want to repair this receiver is the same.

In Topic: problem in xtrend 6000

18 April 2019 - 10:47

Last night, I tested the device in a different location, and it turned out to be very low on the receiver, and the S2 frequencies were not even received at all. Is it possible for the tuner to be troubled? What can it be? Is the tuner to be repaired or should it be replaced ?! And is it now that the tuner of this device is on the market?

In Topic: problem in xtrend 6000

17 April 2019 - 17:33

A friend of mine had to replace some capacitors on the tuner of his Xtrend (it was a 9000).

Can you tell me which capacitors I have changed from the photo I took?!? The problem is, I do not know which capacitor is not functioning right now. The two capacitors of the tuner have been replaced, but there is no change. If it is possible to tell me with the capacitive image that I have to replace

In Topic: problem in xtrend 6000

17 April 2019 - 11:50

I am not an electronics specialist, so I can't help you with the details.


If it is a failing power supply, you can start by disconnecting the power of the harddisk. It will reduce the load on the power supply., see if that changes the behaviour of the tuner. 

No voltage drop anywhere. As I do not have a hard drive in my featured movie. According to the expert who is testing the device, the device has no problems, but unfortunately the receiver still has a problem. I'm totally confused ?? It is likely that the wire that is connected to the LNB is in trouble! Even if it has been tested with another machine, and there is no problem!

In Topic: problem in xtrend 6000

17 April 2019 - 11:12

If the capacitors are not working the way they should, the power supply will have difficulty providing power at the correct voltage level, and will struggle to provide the required amperage under load.


Which is why the problem is first appearent with high power users like tuner and disk, and indeed, connecting a disk may change the situation from "just enough power" to "just not enough power". 


Ideally you need an electronics expert to have a look at it, with the correct measuring tools.


What is the film with capacitors measuring ohm that can not be seen? Did you see anything unusual? The device is on but it's not unusual! None of the capacitors can be seen as a flaw. It looks like all the capacitors are working properly. Is it possible to troubleshoot the device's tuner itself ?!