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Simple way to stream vu+duo2 box to firestick or samsung smart tv

13 August 2019 - 10:18



I read a few threads about accessing external streaming from my Vu+ duo2 box and It all sounds like a real effort and not very safe etc....


Is there any simple way to do it ?


I found an app on the firestick that appears to say it can be set up to get the steam etc but I have not installed it yet.


I have fixed public ip's at both ends.


Thanks In advance for any help.



Single epg shows the same start time for all programs

8 May 2019 - 13:00



I noticed the single epg shows the same start time for all programs. The end time is correct.


For example 


program a start 9:00 end 10:00

program b start 9:00 end 11:00


The multi epg which does also show the next 4 programes per channel shows the correctly.


This was without the epg importer extension added.


Now I have added the epg importer and the same applies.


I have tried selecting the remove epg data before download and that makes no difference.