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In Topic: OpenPLi Release Candidate 8.0 available.

26 December 2020 - 04:05


Unfortunately, external subtitles in Bulgarian and other languages ​​are not displayed when watching online movies with Elementum. A quick test with another device (as well as with the same - Mutant HD60 with Open ATV and Kodi 18.6) with the same settings showed that there are no problems. I noticed that the subtitles are downloaded in different places compared to 18.6 in Open ATV (the location of the Kodi directories is also different) , but even after manually specifying the path to them - they are not displayed and not in list. The same problem was in OpenPli 7.2 and 7.3 with the old Kodi 17.6. If a developer needs additional information or logs I will provide it to solve this annoying problem. Thanks in advance.

Appendix. In the media player of Open Pli 8.0 external subtitles in Cyrillic work only if they are in UTF8, in Cyrillic (Windows) - no. In the Kodi 18.9 video player, external subtitles are not loaded and are not displayed either in Cyrillic (Windows) or in UTF8. With an online player (Elementum as an example) the situation is the same. Please if anyone has ideas to solve the problem please share them.


the same issue here in mutant HD60, i think doesn't matter what encoding used, the player just not loading the downloaded subtitles.