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#575381 Openpli-5 (still next master)

Posted by Ten Below on 13 August 2016 - 12:35

Just a heads up for the devs,
videolan have moved some files from 'git.videolan.org' to 'code.videolan.org'
so the master-next build now fails on getting libdvdread
I tried changing the url in the recipe but it also wants a checksum adding

This works for me,
SRC_URI = "git://github.com/mirror/libdvdread"
libdvdnav also fails so change this to,
SRC_URI = "git://github.com/mirror/libdvdnav"

#524527 SKY.NEW HD Skin (v3.0)

Posted by Ten Below on 13 January 2016 - 12:07

Great skin chababu & i think its fair to say the best sky one for enigma2 yet.
Your ipk file is missing the usr directory so the files are landing in the wrong place e.g /share instead of /usr/share so i have rebuilt it & also included the dreamplex skin so both files from post #1 can be installed at once.

For the telnet install opkg update is only needed when you need to retrieve files from the internet so for installing with ipk wildcard the command needed is simply this.
opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk

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