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In Topic: OpenPLi for Dreambox One

4 September 2023 - 20:45



You have great images for the DreamOne/DreamTwo, the unofficial OpenPli 8.xstar, but also the OpenATV 7.2 and then 7.3, as well as the OpenBH (the team accepted we built for these boxes).


Enjoy the images, as you will have all the good of the openpli, and other images on these extremly powerful hardwares !





Can you restart Dreambox support please? I have done the mistake to get a DreamOne but without your support the box is just a piece of CRAP. A powerful piece of CRAP

In Topic: Blacklisted companies/teams/persons

3 May 2023 - 11:33

Hello, hope you are in good health,


Now it's the turn of OpenATV to boycott and ban... surprise, all the team is laughing there, we had a good laugh... After your 3 years of failures to have a good solution available for the new Dreamboxes, in fact still today you have no solution at all for your ClosedVision or NoVision, also with a copy/paste from OpenATV repositories to your NV/CV amlogic... so if I count well it's 72 months you are still not capable of giving birth to some solution... DreamOne and DreamTwo running smoothly here with OpenPLi/OpenATV/PurE2/OpenBlackHole, and we would love to see the DreamSeven as well that is on it's first stages, with April release of the first Dream multi box image.


About your first question, ask for BlackHole source code to DreamElite Team, as DE-OpenBlackHole BH v1.4 was just a patched DreamElite BlackHole 1.3.3D image (with a lot of closed source on it from DreamElite, you didn't added them to the Ban list... they are definitely missing), I bet perhaps you are too young to know about it as it was released for DM800HDpvr 14 years ago, I understand your feeling as a teenager there is these hormones highs and lows that gets you in such moons.


See :



And about jb8a8f8, that's an hardware forum, to repair your boxes that have no more warranty... you didn't seen it, and let's return to the old age 8a8f8 forum that was Ferrari patched images, who gave birth to Sim2 Team that they forked to their own way with Broadcom Top head distributor in China that took over all clone box manufacturers forcing them to buy their Sim2 2.01 if they wanted from Broadcom the chipset for the DM800HDpvr, then DM800HDse, DM500HD...


Funny how much you talk, but it's important first to be informed and then talk, as otherwise you look like much as a teenager with hormones highs and lows.





I have a proposal, can we add to the Ban list also OpenVison ? As it went Private with sources of all open source developpers.
And when we talk about NDS, I think that some people should remember what really happen instead of talking about thing they have no clue about, for all original pieces and documents, as well as BBC One Panorama program (only in Flash) see the link below (CT was an NDS Spy who spied on all the good guys),

Where are the sources for http://www.toysoft.net ?


https://jb8a8f8.com/support/index.php ?