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In Topic: Octagon SF8008 OpenPli Support

20 February 2020 - 01:16

We can't change octagon-blindscan binary. Vendor has to do it, if needed.

We can only change plugin.py.



By the way: I did a blindscan (no parameters changed) with original blindscan binary and as far as I can see it works. See attached screenshot. Or did I do something "wrong"?


All users where blindscan is not working. Which box do you use? All the sf8008 twin or solo or combo?

Response to the red highlighted: I'm using the SF8008 Twin Turner. Currently only using Tuner B.

In Topic: Octagon SF8008 OpenPli Support

19 February 2020 - 20:33


it should works correctly it was tested 

if you don't know how to place your file pls try the image of 18/02 may be the Pli team were merged files or wait a new build image from Pli team .

Best regards.

Thanks. Look at post #50 for my screenshots. You can see, I placed the files in the correct location. If not, where am I going wrong?

In Topic: Octagon SF8008 OpenPli Support

19 February 2020 - 04:09



Thank you @noorsat for the file - octagon-blindscan-by sami-noor


It has not been modified by Sami Noor, but from the Octagon team. I extracted it from the image  openpli-develop version 10/11/2019 (testbuild) and uploaded it to another forum.





Are u sure @taha ??!!

i modified it for sf8008 pli since 2019 summer + blindscan was made also by me for 4008 atv+open8 in 2018 worked very fine but i didn't public it ...and it was not by manufacturer. 

i can't share all my works in forums.



@taha from who did you take abertis solution ??? who was the source and who did run abertis + beoutq for 1st time in 4008 ???ETC...

best regards and Enjoy.

note ; noorsat=sami noor 



I'm not having any success with this. I'm getting no transponders found. There is no blindscan log in the "tmp" folder. See attached screenshots of where I placed the blindscan files I downloaded from here.

In Topic: Hauppauge 950Q not on the Available Tuner List

30 January 2020 - 19:41

I only have one device the 950q besides a regular 15GB USB stick used for recording.

In Topic: Hauppauge 950Q not on the Available Tuner List

30 January 2020 - 03:36

These should work until things are updated. All of these multiboot images should have kernel 5.0 or less.

PLi_Images.zip 385.9 MB

No luck with these. All the Images in the attached link caused the Receiver to be stuck in "BOOT" after adding the Hauppauge 950Q or 955Q driver and rebooting the receiver. Very strange behavior.  :(

Hauppauge 950Q