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In Topic: Translations for Enigma 2: Please post them here!

20 October 2013 - 22:42

@pingflood: done, but next time please create a patch using "git format-patch" (asuming you use linux) so the patch can quickly be added to the repository (using "git am"). Now I had to apply your patch manually, commit the chage and invent a changelog message. The bonus in git format-patch is that your name will be shown in the git log as the actual author of the patch!


Thank you @mirakels.


Can I try one more time? Here follows a new pt_BR patch.

Just updated some strings (improved context) and shortened some long strings that I misunderstood it's use at first time.


Hope I did it right this time.  :unsure: 


Taking the opportunity, I want to ask you something: Can I also share patches for cosmetic changes, e.g., making strings translatable? 

If yes, should I share here or in the dev forum?


Thank you for your patience. :)

In Topic: Translations for Enigma 2: Please post them here!

18 October 2013 - 19:34

Hey guys..


Here follows an updated patch for pt_BR.po


I've completely reviewed all the strings, and updated using the latest available en.po.





In Topic: Media player infobar suggestions

20 July 2013 - 00:15

Being used so is in spite how the world works... So they are even users that are still using neutrino remote controll layouts... I even was thinking a lot of times to put the normal osd infobar on top....
But it is very simple. Setup your own skin and arrange a third party ipk or a fork on github that we can use... So the users can make the choise...

As I told before, for personal use I have my own mods, and I don't think it would fit everyone needs. That's the magick of E2 and OpenPLi. :)

I was just sharing some ideas and thoughts on how (IMHO) you could try to improve the user experience. I think you can understand on how bureaucratic and tiring is the process to develop, submit and especially try to convince that a patch could be useful (even the smaller ones, that ones that just fixes small cosmetic issues).

I totally understand that some changes will never be implemented, and that's why I told from the beginning that I didn't had so much expectations. Was just a long shot. :)

Of course that starting a new project is always an option, so as using another image, another box, another system, or not using any system at all and living happy. But none of them have the same meaning of trying to help the official project.

Ok, I already understood your point over the topic here: The infobar is not an issue and you don't need help about it; I'm talking about any other general thing that "being used to" could cause resistance to even consider any change and could lead to the same suggestion (start your own project).

Everything is about taste and use to... And that will be an never ending discussion... Please note all your suggestions and arguments are valid... But sometimes too much change is a nogo...

Understood. For me this argument is irrefutable, and since it could cause just empty discussion, I want to suggest you to lock the thread.

Best regards

In Topic: Media player infobar suggestions

19 July 2013 - 20:41

You mean to change the movieplayer infobar.... I suggest we are used that it is on top of the screen for more then 3-4 years... so I suggest a lot of protest to change this...
This does not mean this is a good idea...
But sometimes it is usefull that it is on top (even for the normal infobar)... when keep in mind subtitles...

Well, the channel infobar is also at the bottom, and so many channels have movies with subtitles, and I don't think this was a big deal until today. :)

"Being used to" is not always the best reason to keep something like it is.. IMHO, the way we have the media player infobar today feels like something is broken: Just some labels and pixmaps floating on top of the screen. It simply doesn't fits with any other PLiHD parts..

I think that if you really like the infobar on top, then I would suggest you to at least add the same background (upside-down) you use on channels infobar.

Changing these kind of thinks may lead to a protest...

Well, any change will always cause some protest. ( remember xkcd 1172? http://xkcd.com/1172/ )
Some will just lead to more or less protests than others.
I would just suggest you to try how it feels, before discarding it totally.

But still you are free to fork the orriginal skin and give your own version...

The skin I have for personal use is already way different that the one used on PLiHD stream.
Sometimes I just like to share some of the changes I made, sometimes I just think it will not worth because is so small things that no one else besides me will care. (I can't see one pixel out of its place that will bother me until I fix it.. :P )

Or there must be a lot of confirmations here that I change it...
But when changed then the same for DVDs... :D

As you told, changes like this may lead to a lot of protests. Even having shared it here, I don't have so much expectations. :P
Anyway, the patch already changes dvdplayer, movieplayer and mytubeplayer. Any plugin that uses the regular player will experience the same effects.

Best regards

In Topic: Media player infobar suggestions

19 July 2013 - 19:52

Add: Of course this suggestion is for PLiHD skin. I've forgot to add it to the title, and now I can't edit the post anymore. :/


Sorry for this.