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PLi 6.1 snmp support dm8000

16 February 2020 - 19:28

Anyone running snmp on pli 6.1?
I'm trying to achieve the following:

When it's snowing heavily, it sometines builds up on antenna, redusing signal strength below critical level, leading to corrupt recordings.

I'd like to monitor signal strength and trigger an alert if dB value decreases below a set value.
Another value to monitor are free disk space for recordings.

It struck my mind that the best way ro do this was to use an snmp tool to reading off these values every 5 minutes from my good old dreambox 8000.

The sw repository don't have any snmp plugins, at least not on my pli 6.1 installation, however I read somewhere that there should exist a snmp plugin for openpli. So I turn to the experts for advice:)
Many thanks for any advice.