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In Topic: [News] New or changed channels

Yesterday, 13:59

But will replace the existing schedule with the one taken from directv.com

It looks a bit better.


Nice ! :)  Thanks a lot.

In Topic: [News] New or changed channels

Yesterday, 11:59

Hi Willy,


could the schedule of NASA TV (1_0_1_1F8_384_13E_820000_0_0_0) be taken from https://www.nasa.gov...v/schedule.html ?


The content is rather unstructured but maybe you could grab only the main events.

In Topic: OpenPli 7 and DM8000: out of memory

21 September 2019 - 10:16

A daily reboot works quite well to avoid these.

That's exactly what I've done.
Installed busybox-cron, ...

root@dm8000:~# opkg install busybox-cron

...and setup a reboot just before the loading of EPGImport scheduled @7:33 :

root@dm8000:~# crontab -l
30 7 * * * init 4 && sleep 10 && rm /media/cf/epg.dat && sleep 10 && init 3
32 7 * * * wget -O /dev/null -q http://root:<password>@localhost/web/powerstate?newstate=0

The situation seems more stable. To be confirmed over time.

In Topic: [Belgium-Netherlands]

11 September 2019 - 19:55

Hi Willy


if a source exists, could you add the new following channel :

LN24, a 24/24 french-speaking news channel, found on the belgian cable provider VOO.

The service reference 1_0_19_57B_E_1_FFFF0000_0_0_0


Thanks !

In Topic: [News] New or changed channels

10 May 2019 - 21:11



above in this topic, it is said that the NASA TV (1_0_1_1F8_384_13E_820000_0_0_0) schedule can be found in the AFN source.


Is it still the case? It seems to have disappeared from EPG.