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In Topic: Softcam doesnt restart

7 February 2012 - 07:48

Hi,have a problem with softcam manager,I use mbox as CustomCAM,and newcs as cardreader.Everithing goes normal,when I reboot receiver,both emulator is start,but when I stop them and try to restart,notning happened.Have to reboot receiver to get it back working.mbox is renamed as CustomCAM and have atr 755,the name is exatly the same.couple of version of PLi image it was ok,but after update this problem appear.

Hello all, first post on here, so don't wish to sound like a smart-a**e, but if older image didn't have this "bug" use older
image. Most new images are BETA versions & still being trialled. Once you have posted issue here creators of image will take
a look at image & resolve issue. You seem to know what you're about Veskop, Why don't you look thru script yourself & tweak
it. There would appear to be a glaring omission on script you posted. If you can't see it take a look at script of older image & it
will stand out.
The "bug" you have highlighted crept under radar because most users don't stop & restart cam during normal use. If mbox is
set as DEFAULT cam it should re-start when prompted. If tweaking SCRIPT does not solve issue try diff. cam. Some cams are
not fully compatible with all images. I never had reason to use any cam other than Cccam. Pli-Jade images usually combine well
with Cccam. If you use NewCS cardreader try Newcamd 6.10b or older Newcamd if you wish