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In Topic: dm500 remote delay

26 February 2012 - 16:21

Do you have picons installed? It could be that the first time the picon needs to be retrieved from file, and the second time it's already cached.

no havent installed the picons mate ...

In Topic: network mount

25 February 2012 - 21:56

... but i cant see the movie files in it, y is that ?

Are the movie files "supported"? I assume, on a 7020, ts, mpg, mpeg, & perhaps vob are the only supported ones, not avi, wmv, etc... Unless you meant 7020hd....


yes i have dm7020s not the HD, just have converted avi to mpeg and now its working fine, thanks for the help :)

In Topic: network mount

25 February 2012 - 13:23

hi, need help on mounting pc hard disk on dm7020, all done correctly through remote, have shared folder on pc, and can see it on file mode, but problem is, i cant see any files in that folder that i have shared on dm, only i can see in file mode is (

PC-network mount (96% in use)

then the folder inside it that have i have shared, but i cant see the movie files in it, y is that ?

anyone who could help me out?

In Topic: eagle linux

20 February 2012 - 23:54

There are two versions of the (original) DM500: one with an old framebuffer (video buffer thing) and ones with a new framebuffer. You won't see a lot of DM500s with an old framebuffer. Anyway, if you flash the normal image and the screen looks greenish, you need to flash the "old framebuffer" image to fix that.

By the way, if you check Google for your box and our image, you may find an answer whether it works. We don't have such a box, neither developed for such a box, so can't tell you more.

ok thanks for the quick and detailed reply, now i got it

In Topic: eagle linux

20 February 2012 - 23:37

And in that case I need to be a bit harsh: we do not support clone boxes. You might try it, but don't complain if it ruins your box.

not gonna risk my box in that case, thanks for the help though, what is the difference between old-framebuffer and normal image in dm500s download section, was going through there so thought to ask, hope that wont make u harsh this time :P