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In Topic: Missing EPG on Scandinavian channels

29 July 2022 - 17:28


Channels are available on tv.nu, but I can't find any epg there:
"no shows in index page"
    <channel update="i" site="tv.nu" site_id="discovery-extra-1" xmltv_id="Discovery+ Extra 1">Discovery+ Extra 1</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="tv.nu" site_id="discovery-extra-2" xmltv_id="Discovery+ Extra 2">Discovery+ Extra 2</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="tv.nu" site_id="discovery-extra-3" xmltv_id="Discovery+ Extra 3">Discovery+ Extra 3</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="tv.nu" site_id="discovery-extra-4" xmltv_id="Discovery+ Extra 4">Discovery+ Extra 4</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="tv.nu" site_id="discovery-extra-5" xmltv_id="Discovery+ Extra 5">Discovery+ Extra 5</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="tv.nu" site_id="discovery-extra-6" xmltv_id="Discovery+ Extra 6">Discovery+ Extra 6</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="tv.nu" site_id="discovery-extra-7" xmltv_id="Discovery+ Extra 7">Discovery+ Extra 7</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="tv.nu" site_id="discovery-extra-8" xmltv_id="Discovery+ Extra 8">Discovery+ Extra 8</channel>


viasat.se has the same channels, but if there is no broadcast there is little to find.

In Topic: [Norway] Changes in Norwegian channels on 0.8W & 4.8E

14 July 2022 - 08:54


Paramount+ MOVIES HD 1_0_19_1E00_18_46_E080000_0_0_0
Paramount+ SERIES HD 1_0_19_1E01_18_46_E080000_0_0_0
is missing epg in rytecNO_SportMovies

In Topic: [Norway] Changes in Norwegian channels on 0.8W & 4.8E

15 October 2021 - 16:23

New channels 0.8W
V series HD 1_0_19_461D_23_46_E080000_0_0_0 -Not epg
V series HD 1_0_19_4A05_23_46_E080000_0_0_0 -Not epg
V series HD 1_0_19_1F0D_23_46_E080000_0_0_0 -Ok epg
V series HD (old) 1_0_19_1161_1C_46_E080000_0_0_0
V series HD (old) 1_0_19_45B9_1C_46_E080000_0_0_0
V series HD (old) 1_0_19_43B3_1C_46_E080000_0_0_0

In Topic: [Sweden] Updated channels

30 September 2021 - 18:59

C More Max maybe belongs to Finland?


In Topic: [Norway] Changes in Norwegian channels on 0.8W & 4.8E

7 September 2021 - 09:12

Thank you :)
I Make no changes, works fine on enigma2 and appletv.