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In Topic: Get your own specific epg for various channels.

1 May 2020 - 15:24

WebGrab+Plus V2.1.11 (beta) is no longer available.

In Topic: Get your own specific epg for various channels.

1 May 2020 - 15:13

What about 3.0, does it still work or will it be updated to 3.0.2 after a while?
Must I go back to Beta 2.1.11?

In Topic: Get your own specific epg for various channels.

1 May 2020 - 10:05

When I finally start getting this good, then I become degraded.
Updated to 3.0.2 and is a registered user.
Now I can only update 30 channels and access 3 siteini's.
How to get a donor_license and how long a license lasts?

In Topic: Get your own specific epg for various channels.

28 April 2020 - 15:40

Thank you very much, this helps me a lot.
Using the latest you created for SVT Barn/SVT24 HD, it works.
Tested channel update for vg.no and it worked as well.
Also tried if I could update the Danish tv.yousee.dk so the tv2sportx channel was updated in the list but this did not work.
The script runs but no new channel.xml returns.
Pasted the string for tv2sportx so it worked anyway.

In Topic: Get your own specific epg for various channels.

26 April 2020 - 17:15

Begins to figure it out but some little things are missing.
How to update vg.no.channels in your project when new channels are available.
These are new:


    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="motorvision-tv" xmltv_id="Motorvision TV">Motorvision TV</channel>

    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="nicktoons" xmltv_id="Nicktoons">Nicktoons</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="blue-hustler" xmltv_id="Blue Hustler">Blue Hustler</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="kunskapskanalen" xmltv_id="Kunskapskanalen">Kunskapskanalen</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="trace-urban-hd" xmltv_id="Trace Urban HD">Trace Urban HD</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="motorvision-tv-133" xmltv_id="Motorvision TV">Motorvision TV</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="esportstv-hd" xmltv_id="eSportsTV HD">eSportsTV HD</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="eurosport-pluss-1" xmltv_id="Eurosport Pluss 1">Eurosport Pluss 1</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="eurosport-pluss-2" xmltv_id="Eurosport Pluss 2">Eurosport Pluss 2</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="eurosport-pluss-3" xmltv_id="Eurosport Pluss 3">Eurosport Pluss 3</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="eurosport-pluss-4" xmltv_id="Eurosport Pluss 4">Eurosport Pluss 4</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="eurosport-pluss-5" xmltv_id="Eurosport Pluss 5">Eurosport Pluss 5</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="eurosport-pluss-6" xmltv_id="Eurosport Pluss 6">Eurosport Pluss 6</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="eurosport-pluss-7" xmltv_id="Eurosport Pluss 7">Eurosport Pluss 7</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="eurosport-pluss-8" xmltv_id="Eurosport Pluss 8">Eurosport Pluss 8</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="eurosport-pluss-9" xmltv_id="Eurosport Pluss 9">Eurosport Pluss 9</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="eurosport-pluss-10" xmltv_id="Eurosport Pluss 10">Eurosport Pluss 10</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="strive-sport-tv" xmltv_id="Strive Sport TV">Strive Sport TV</channel>


Can I do it like this:


<channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="128" xmltv_id="Motorvision tv">Motorvision TV</channel>

<channel update="i" site="vg.no" site_id="129" xmltv_id="Nicktoons">Nicktoons</channel>

And so on........Or will this be wrong?


Also has 2 channels I can't find in any files:
DK: TV2 Sport X HD 1_0_19_1C29_30_46_E080000_0_0_0
SE: SVTB/SVT24 1_0_19_1D81_1B_46_E080000_0_0_0
Any tips?