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In Topic: BackupSuite

9 April 2023 - 15:50


   i made 3 files "backupstick.txt.txt - backupstick.txt - backupstick   and out them inside USB root  , i got new error  "  there is no valid USB-STICK FOUND

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In Topic: BackupSuite

9 April 2023 - 13:45


  I HAVE vuplus duo 4k se receiver and using Neoboot  as mulitiboot, my image at internal flash is Openpli   8.3 , Backup suite made backup successfully .

also i have external USB  flash and  opnepli install on external USB flash , when i try to make a backup using Backup suite i got error message state that " there is no supported receiver found"  screen shoot is attached.



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how we can solve this pb.