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(ET-6000) USB Hard Drive starts when inserting smart card

28 November 2015 - 16:38



May be one little bug when using smart card:


When inserting the smart card in the slot, the USB hard drive starts.


The problem is it won't go in sleep mode anymore afterward.


I have to reboot the STB or switch it off to retrieve usual behavior.


Oscam is being used.

Image updated to date



Windows 10; serious issue wth TS files!

22 September 2015 - 15:02



I need your help to solve the problem.


I am used to copy(ftp) TS HD(H264) files to my PC for authoring, storage, etc.....


I have neither had any problem so far, excepted since upgrade from W8.1 PRO 64 to W10 PRO 64.


The issue: when aptempting to access to those TS files(right click for instance), the PC goes mad  with DRAM and Hard drive at 100%.

Sometimes, only way out is to switch it off..


I suspoect something wrong with the défault media player that deals with certain fonctionalities..


Besides, player: VLC, KODI or DVDViewer can access the files for correct Play back if I launch the player then go to the TS file...


I have upgraded first to W10 with the proposed easy way from an existing installation; then, to be 100% sure, with the DVD from scratch on formated hard disk..

Same result..





VU+ Zero not working with SR 45000 8PSK, clone?

9 September 2015 - 12:10




I suspect somebody I know be delivered with VU+ Zero clone instead of "genuine" STB...


So far I know, even rather "old" VU+ are compatible with 45000 Symbol rate in 8PSK..


Need advice about this issue unless the present VU+Zero Open PLi image have issue with this kind of transponders..





Oscam; plugin for smart card info?

8 June 2015 - 08:03



I have not found in the packet list or eslsewhere, one simple plugin to get the informations writen on the  smartcard..


I mean validity dates versus class.  


Found one plugin for Oscam acting as server.. This one is not what I was looking for.. 


Thanks for your help

Is C linguage update stable now(X-Trend)?

12 April 2015 - 09:08



I have flashed as recommanded my ET-6000 by the end of 2014: full flash without using any settings kept in memory..


But it look like there is been some new updates since then making compulsory to flash again.. 


I can see from warnings in the update process, that many depenencies can't be updated..

For exemple by end of february, another warning dated 22nd of february appeared..


All this is somewhat puzzling...


Besides, the STB run flowless..


I would avoid to have to flash again next month if I do it now..