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OpenPLI 3TB HDD with EXT4 filesystem not recognized after cloning from 2TB HDD?

15 October 2023 - 16:14

I have VU+DUO 4K SE PVR with Openpli v8.3.

I used a 2TB HDD, but I got it filled.

I copied the 2TB EXT4 partition to 3TB HDD, then resized partition to 3TB size.

If I check the resized EXT4 partition with fsck.ext4, it shows a clean filesystem.

But when I put the drive to the external hdd enclosure of VU+DUO 4K SE PVR, it doesn't mount, does not recognize it.

The disk is recognized, the sda1 partition and EXT4 filesystem is not.

ls /dev/sda*
shows only /dev/sda, but not /dev/sda1.

Are 3TB GPT disks supported in OpenPLI v8.3?

What can cause not to mount this 3TB HDD with GPT partition and EXT4 filesystem?

Missing channels after software update

21 August 2023 - 19:34

Using VU+DUO 4K SE PVR with Openpli v8.3.

After Setup/Software update/Update and reboot, all channels are missing from the "Last Scanned" bouquet.

I have to do
Setup/Tuners & scanning/Automatic scan
Setup/Auto backup/Restore
to have the channels available again in "Last Scanned" bouquet.

Is this normal?
How to fix it?

VU+ DUO 4K SE change samba share config files

18 April 2023 - 20:49

I would like to change samba share in my VU+ DUO 4K SE box by adding new config files.

1) I executed
init 4
in Putty ssh, to stop enigma.

2) Stopped Samba by executing
/etc/init.d/samba.sh stop

3) Uploaded the new
file into directory
with WinSCP.

4) Started Samba
/etc/init.d/samba.sh start

5) The new
file into directory

What I do wrong?

I would like to make the uploaded file
file into directory


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