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build-essentials on the receiver?

7 March 2022 - 15:25


trying to mess with the openairplay plugin which I found on its GitHub page: https://github.com/E...gin-OpenAirPlay

However, that requires the M2Crypto python module which doesn't seem to be available as an ipkg package.

I can install pip, but then trying to install M2Crypto fails ... and I very much suspect, I'm just missing some build dependencies (libssl-dev seems like it might be the next wall I'll be hitting):


To *install* M2Crypto, you must be able to compile and link C sources

against Python and OpenSSL headers/libraries. For example on a Debian-based

system the following packages are needed:


- ``build-essential``

- ``python3-dev`` and/or ``python-dev``

- ``libssl-dev``

- ``swig 2.0.10`` or newer (default swig on RHEL-7, which is the

  oldest I could find in the wild).