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In Topic: Multistream tuner conflicts

23 August 2017 - 01:12

Just noticed this in my settings, maybe this is why I don't have a problem ?


Which parts of the settings do you want as I'd rather not post all of it.

In Topic: Multistream tuner conflicts

23 August 2017 - 00:17

The problem reported here doesn't affect my HD51 with only 1 DVB-S2x (multistream) capable tuner either with oe-a vix on one partition or RC 6.0 on another.


I am able to instant record a MS channel on 5w and then switch to BBC1 on 28.2e and also instant record that without any errors.

In Topic: Zgemma H7S Multiboot not working...

6 August 2017 - 00:26


I see, os calls leading to forking and needing loads of RAM...


My problem, however: you really shouldn't name the image "Multiboot", guys...


Otherwise I would have installed an image which has the multiboot manager etc. Now I have to see what, if anything I can do... I.e. I shall try installing another image and hope it will be over the second partition, where OpenPLi is... I'll report back when I do it.


P.S. Indeed, I did install OpenATV first and then OpenPLi - but I can not get out of OpenPLi now, naturally...


You should install and try 'Automatic Full Backup 5.6 by Dima73 ,  it has full support for totally managing multiboot on my HD51,  the Zgemma H7S was added recently with 5.6 https://github.com/D...14cc37053b2a141 .  On my HD51 it's all I need for full management of images including adding the 'Multiboot switcher' to the start menu.

In Topic: New tuner Si2166D- Mut@nt 51HD

15 July 2017 - 23:28

List of receivers current or upcoming with DVB-S2X / multistream capabllity, list stolen from OpenATV forum


Octagon SF4008 with S2X tuner 
Gigablue all models (except gb7325) with the GIGA DVB-S2 NIM SP2246T (since driver update feb 2017) 
Mutant HD51 with optional S2X tuner (Available 06/2017) 
AX51 with optional S2X tuner (Available 06/2017) 
Gigablue all models with optional S2X tuner (In stock Q4 2017) 
Vu Uno 4k SE (In stock Q4 2017) Vu Uno 4k SE (In stock Q4 2017) 
Upgrade Vu Ultimo 4k should be possible but not yet confirmed when the Uno 4k se is available. 
Zgemma H5 Plus models 
Zgemma H7S Model 
Spycat 4K models (delivery date unknown) 
from August 2017 also DM900 / DM7080 / DM820 with optional tuner 

In Topic: New tuner Si2166D- Mut@nt 51HD

14 July 2017 - 09:09

Not necessarily to do with the tuners but there is a difference between the SF4008 and the HD51 when it comes to multi-stream, the latter does not support internal stream-relay (yet?) so it's not possible to open packages like Zeonbud on  4.8 east but on the other hand the HD51 does have support in the drivers for PV without stream-relay, so you pay your money and take your choice.