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In Topic: error Pli image

Yesterday, 17:12

Thank you, if some progammers would be able to give me pointers on how to go about debugging I could try to do it, but probably the problem is single so of little interest... 

In Topic: error Pli image

Yesterday, 16:50

Muhhh... no nothing VERY strange, in the STB there's a USB stick attached and a hard disk, TVSat Card,...skin: Test skin PD1LOI-Full-HD (Mod skin PLi-FullNightHD) 1920x1080, ISetting ,EPG import that work the updates at night... patience I have to try again to delete everything and install the various plugins step by step to understand what could cause the crashes, Thank you for your patience...

excuse my English, I use translate

In Topic: error Pli image

Yesterday, 16:15

It is probably a bug or issue in the low-level C code, which is extremely hard to debug due to the lack of debugging information.


so difficult to solve? I posted in another forum, unfortunately without feedback on the solution, a user wrote perhaps a Pyton problem? I hope I get some advice ,thanks for any advice

In Topic: error Pli image

Yesterday, 14:50

does not happen at the same time or even in the same programme, a green screen appears and the receiver restarts as if nothing had happened.

In Topic: error Pli image

Yesterday, 14:26


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