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DM800se scan problem

20 June 2012 - 12:54

Hi Guys,

I have a new genuine DM800se with a pli image (dated15/6).
I have a 89cm dish with a single LNB facing the Hotbird at 13E.

My problem is that I am basically not able to see any channel with a name "Sky *****" (plus other nice cinema and movies channels like nova cinema for instance..) other than Sky Music. I am just not able to get them through scans, I updated the satellites.xml, checked if they are scanned and flagged as data services using dreambox Edit... tried to scan their transponders manually and all I get is 0 services found.

I thought that my BCM tuner is not able to receive DVB-S2 (even though some of the missing transponders are DVB-S), but I checked and I have some DBV-S2 working channels (some of them are HD and working perfectly). The SNR is around 14-15 dBs which is fairly good.

I am really running out of ideas here, and I'd appreciate some fresh perspective on this one... I spent a lot of money on this system and I dont wanna just start swapping elements without a clear direction.

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,