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In Topic: Translations for Enigma 2: Please post them here!

1 March 2020 - 09:43

What do you mean by saying "switch an image" ???


Some PiP specific strings have been changed a couple of weeks ago, but I kept or updated the existing translations. See: https://github.com/O...7d9b3214a05992d

In Topic: Translations for Enigma 2: Please post them here!

18 February 2020 - 23:28

WanWizard probably you din't pull latest updates from github? I updated the .po files yesterday.


Anyway, I don't see a merge conflict with HR translation. https://github.com/O...igma2/pull/2463

In Topic: e2designer (alpha)

7 February 2020 - 09:25

@technic can you compile a newer version for windows? Thanks.

In Topic: Open PLi HD Skins

6 February 2020 - 08:43

Then you're are looking to the wrong screen for the tv program. The channel selection screen is not for that.  It's for selecting another channel. If you want to get an overview of what each channel is going to broadcast in a specific time (e.g. prime time), you need to check one of the epg screens. Openpli has single epg, multi epg and graph multi epg.

In Topic: Open PLi HD Skins

5 February 2020 - 13:01

Hi, I don't think it's that easy... And you'll need to dig around the code (xml and python) a little bit.


But you can check the "prime time" program with the graph multi epg.