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In Topic: OpenPLi RC7.3 beschikbaar

23 June 2020 - 21:05

Ik heb Openpli7.3 met de laatste openwebinterface gebouwd. Dan ontstaat er een probleem met python-six_1.10 "ensure_str" oplossing is python-six_1.12

Is het een optie om dit pakket te vervangen zodat ook een nieuwere versie van owif kan gebruiken of is het zoals het is en ontwikkeling wordt alleen verder gedaan in Openpli 8.0

Je zal wss altijd bezig blijven anders....

In Topic: Display panel to show "REC" for zGemma H9 Combo TV box

23 June 2020 - 13:02



3. But NOT when it is in deep standby. It just shows a blank status. It'll be great is a white led to show that electrical power is switched on and to differentiate it grin the red light for standby state

Question to the manufacturers of drivers.



check /proc/stb/power for the options. If there is no suspend led then it's probably not possible. Deepsleep is normally a mode which should kill everything but you can activate wakeup calls which ofcourse all options are related with more power consumption: Think most common options are  HDMI-CEC, WOL, Timer, standby frontpanel key, remote key.

In Topic: branch zeus

21 June 2020 - 18:53

I'm not adding Kodi to the image. I'm installing it from my feed after I run MACHINE=h7 bitbake openpli-enigma2-feed. Once I do that, image is not booting anymore. Very odd. Installing other packages like serviceapp and exteplayer from my feed is OK. 

Ok then I understand you wrong. So it must been check which packages are extra installed and if one or more packages cause the boot failer. So this "new" packages should been start by boot. So think easist way is to control if /etc/init.d is something added or changed and /etc/RC.x was is added. (Can check date and time of file)

I will check tomorrow a bit if I can see something strange.

In Topic: branch zeus

21 June 2020 - 17:03

Before installing Kodi, there is almost 500MB free space. I filled it up until only 15 MB was remaining, rebooted the box, and had no issues. So I do not think it will be related to resize scripts. 


Install kodi manual or by feed all is ok

Install kodi direct in image not ok.


So for me it's clear what the problem probably is. However Openpli doesn't install kodi direct into the image. So when the feeds come online it will probably not been a problem anymore.

I do not know a solution but maybe remove the resize part from the image and set image size to maximum so 1024MB

In Topic: branch zeus

21 June 2020 - 15:21



Guys, I have an issue with Kodi on the develop branch and my Zgemma H7S. If I only install Kodi and reboot, the received won't boot anymore. Tried 3 times, always same results. Any ideas, please? Thanks.

Are you sure the feed is ok which you download the kodi from? So your setup an own feed for the downloads? If you can share it then it can been control what is going wrong by your image, I only install it manual by IPK and this seems to go well.


I compile the dev branch including the feeds and install Kodi from there. If I start Kodi, it works. But as soon as I reboot the receiver, it won't boot anymore (even in case I haven't started Kodi, just installed). It happened if I installed as multiboot to second slot and even if I installed via USB.



Probably the image size or how the image is made to reduce size will fail when it's to large.

I think when first time boot succeed the problem is that the resize script runs which sets the parition to maximum size.


By install kodi from feed seems further no problem.