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Post-Update issues

3 June 2015 - 18:02


I'm fighting this issue for one year already.
So, my hardware is E9200 with four sats (4-port diseq, 4 converters). 

2K channels, two paid packages. Also, 5 custom bouquets (besides All Channels and Last Scanned which i though is default ones).

All works fine, i'm happy, also i'm doing backups before soft update using iDreamX app. 

So, after soft update (Menu->Settings->Software update), all my scanned channels are gone, i'm seeing N/A in all my bouquets. So, i have to scan all my sats over and over again every time after software update. Also, i've got some extra bouquets which i'm erasing all the time, and they are coming back as "living dead" so i can't kill them once for all. 

May be i'm doing something wrong or so.

How to protect my scanned channels, settings, bouquets etc... 

Thanks in advance.