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OpenPLi-2.1-beta-dm800-20130115 DVD Player ?

15 January 2013 - 05:13

So i have tonihgt flashed the PLI replacing my PeterPan and/or Newnigma, and i have gotten as far as setting it up with CrossEPG, Mounted my ClearOS movie share, and all is A OK, BUT...

I have via the plugins installed the DVD Player extension - however i cannot seem to find it anywhere. Normally it would reside in the MENU, but even in the BLUE button i cannot see it

What am i doing wrong ? My kids will kill me if they can't watch their movies on demand :D

Any ideas ?

btw : I tried using the search, but it comes up empty

To clarify - i have been using DB for a long time now - several years - so i think i do know a bit of the way around - but when it comes to (read in another thread) PVR filebrowsers - i have no idea where that is...