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In Topic: enigma2 modification needed

1 March 2014 - 19:33

I have T2 in my region and it's about this problem.  :(


We do not have T2 in our region... So for us this is not possible to debug and test.

I wish other developers who could be able test T2 were around here.  :lol:




Thank you.

In Topic: How to control the screen on a receiver front panel from a plugin ?

5 February 2014 - 19:03

Like all UI components, the front panel is also controlled by a skin. Attach a skin to your plugin.


I found that although a skin use my global variable, it uses only once at __init__ the class.

Is there any way to update attribute "title" of screen after init ?



Thank you in advance.

In Topic: Driver USB DVB-T2

8 November 2013 - 17:51

Je bedoelt deze stick ?



In Topic: new developer NEED HELP

17 October 2013 - 07:04

Is it possible to play channels which are from satellite (DVB tuner) in my plugin ?


sref = eServiceReference(4097, 0, url)


I knew this is generally work with URL streaming,

but, how's about a regular channel from satellite ?


Please.., don't tell me to exit plugin and select a specific channel.

Thank you..

In Topic: new developer NEED HELP

30 September 2013 - 05:28

Thank you so much for that. 

I think I understand the player quite a bit (learning from nStreamPlayer)


but I don't understand the how to make channel list with feedlist, grouplist, and how to switch between channel using Screens.InfoBarGenerics stuffs.


Any example for that ??


Thank you..