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Cool TV Guide stopped respond and disappeared

1 February 2017 - 11:58

Hi everyones,


I have Vu+ Duo² with 4 tuners and OpenPLi 4.0 (2017-01-30).

For a long while I'm using Cool TV Guide with no problem until last night. Box got stucked with spinning logo and Cool Tv guide become unresponsive. Definitely exist in extension list . I've checked and setting works normal.

EPG is downloaded as I can see it on Graphic EPG and change channels and move between bouquets

After number of try I found that  Cool TV Guide is popping on screen and after mili second (I could see it) disappear, so believe it's software related. 

I have second VU box (zero) which is working Ok with CoolTV, so I can see the correct file structure.

My question is ..Does any one know where to look in system file for the possible problem? 

I'm not big fan of re-installing as in the past other extensions didn't behave well, but if is no other solution I will.

Last one question.. is any tool to optimize filesystem/hdd? My box recently spinning logo (accesing file system) causing a lot of freeze and unresponsiveness 

Any ideas about my question is very welcome

Many Thanks