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Problem playing recording on local network

21 March 2022 - 13:05

I wanted to ask you a question, but since I'm not sure if I've posted in the right place, I ask a moderator, if he understands that it should go somewhere else, to move it where he thinks most appropriate.

I have an enigma2 and openpli 4.0 receiver with internal HDD for recording. I have no problem when I want to start playing from the player of the deck a recording that is being made at that very moment and has not finished yet. I can start playback, pause, rewind back and forth, stop and play again. Everything works as expected.

I have the problem when I try to play these recordings, I insist while they are being made, and they have not finished yet on the local network but not from the deco itself, but from an iPad. To see both the channels and the recordings on the local network, I use apps on the iPad such as e2remotelite, vuplusTV, vu+player, always link apps in enigma2. I will explain what happens with an example.

I start a recording that will last 1 hour for example and 5 minutes after it starts I want to start watching it from the beginning on the iPad with the mentioned applications. Everything starts without problems, but 5 minutes after starting to see it, which is the time that I had recorded at the moment of indicating the reproduction (remember that the recording is still running in the internal HDD of the deco) the reproduction stops and I have I have to exit it, refresh the recordings again so that it loads what it has been recording and play it again, which is not a solution. I understand that the problem is that it only lets me play the part of the recording that I had completed at the time of starting the playback and that there is no continuous flow of information between the iPad and the deco in this sense and that information of the recording does not is updated in real time. I don't know if it's a problem with the configuration of the deck, the apps or that I simply can't do what I want, but it doesn't seem like it should be that complicated when it can be done from the deck itself without any problem.

The solution is to use other apps on the iPad that are not enigma2 and simply play multimedia content on the local network in real time. I've thought about making these recordings on a Synology NAS and trying to play them with DS Video or some similar app, to get out of the enigma2 environment, but I haven't been able to do these tests yet. What do you think? Can you think of any way to solve it? Is there an app that allows you to do this? If it can be done by recording directly on the internal HDD and without the NAS, it would be the best solution for me. Ideas and advice welcome.