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Sleep & Standby HDD

5 March 2021 - 11:19

Hello everyone. I wanted to ask you a question regarding the HDD rest to which I have not found an answer in the forum. I understand that it is a generic query, but I am not sure if it works the same in the different versions of OpenPLi and I say it because in my personal case I have OpenPLi 4.0 installed on my old DM800se which unfortunately no longer has support for the new versions .
The query is in relation to the sleep setting of the internal HDD of my receiver only to record movies and others. The Picons and the EPG are on a USB and in the skin there is no temperature data or the like.
For a long time I have configured that after 10 minutes without use the HDD goes to standby and that is how I thought it was working, but now I'm not sure about that.
A few days ago I had a problem with the internal HDD that I had installed for about 4 and a half years and when connecting it to the PC and using the Victoria program to analyze and repair some bad sectors, I realized that this program was telling me that the "Power -on time: Count of hours in power-on state ”indicated more than 39,000 hours. The point is that I have the previously indicated standby configuration and also the receiver goes to deep standby every night and turns on in the same way every morning, but the data of hours on as indicated by Victoria would be 4.5 years x 365 days / year x 24 hours a day = 39,420 hours.
My question is, despite having the hard disk in rest almost always and the receiver in deep rest half of the day, it still receives power and counts this as hours in service with the consequent wear or am I misinterpreting the data?
Yesterday looking for information I found the HDDSleep v1.72 plugin in the forum and configured it to go to standby after 10 minutes and also generate a log file to see how it behaves and the truth is that I see that every time I access it indicates in the log, both for the HDD and for the usb.
Is it also possible that my HDD sleep setting has not been working so far?
I would be grateful to receive some information on this.