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3 March 2021 - 19:16



First, restart the box, and when it has restarted, login and type the command


capture the output and copy it here.


Next, type in the following command to install fdisk:

opkg install util-linux-fdisk

when done, type in the command

fdisk -l

again, capture the output and post it here.


This is the first step, and allows us to see if the hardware is detecting the disk, what it does with that information, and how the box thinks the disk is partitioned and formatted.


When we know that, we can give you additional commands to test, and we can recreate your situation to test it ourselfs.


Hi WanWisard


Problem solved....
I move the hdd to another VUO DUO that I have with a previous image (7.3) and VOILÁ. All the files are still there. 
Thanks again for you help.
The question now is what version of image shall I put in the receiver to prevent
this to happen again in the future.?
Best regards

In Topic: openpli-8.0-release-vuduo2-20210301_usb.zip

2 March 2021 - 23:32

Can you login with telnet? Then we can guide you with that to type in and report back.


I see you mentioned the disk is formatted NTFS. May I ask why, as that is a very strange choice for an internal disk in a linux machine.


Mounting EXFAT and NTFS (fuse mounts) via udev has been fixed on december 2nd, so that should be present in the current 8.0 release.

Ok, tomorrow I will proceed as you say. About the format I will confirm if it was made by NTFS since I am not really sure. 

See you.

In Topic: openpli-8.0-release-vuduo2-20210301_usb.zip

2 March 2021 - 20:31

If it is an internal disk, please DONT DO ANYTHING until we've managed to debug this issue, this is happening a bit too much for my liking.


Can you work with the linux commandline?

Thank you Wanwizard, yes is an internal disk and I will not do anything until I ear from you.

I don't know how to work with the Linux comand line.

In Topic: openpli-8.0-release-vuduo2-20210301_usb.zip

2 March 2021 - 20:11

Are you really sure that they are gone?
Is the harddisk mounted? Is it maybe mounted to /media/usb and not as you expect /media/hdd.

The HDD is still mounted and I could'nt find anything in either of the optins you refer. Anyway the amount of files recorded is too big for a usb device (+- 380Gbytes).

But thanks for the answer.

In Topic: openpli-8.0-release-vuduo2-20210301_usb.zip

2 March 2021 - 20:05

Your harddisk stil ext3 formatted from 10 years ago instead of (converted to) ext4 ?????

I don't know what are you talking about. Is an internal Toshiba HDD formated in NTSF.