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Having a problem trying to import USA channels

6 January 2017 - 00:29



I used WebGrab++ to grab some USA channels EPG like HBO, HBO 2, HBO Family...etc, The problem is that i dont have any service ID for these channels, i managed to get it working to map the IPTV channels with EPG that is already available,


after i did the grab, compressed with .gz and added the EPG data to my private server then i edited custom.channels.xml added the url to the file i uploaded to my server, after that i started to download in EPGImport, but unfortunately when it starts, i get 0 events. like it didn't do anything, i already tried mapping the channels in a file i created usa.channels.xml but the reference ID for the channels i just changed one or two numbers as they are IPTV channels,


but it seems that its not even downloading the EPG data from the file i uploaded in my web server.


oh and i forgot to mention that i named the channel id like "HBO2.us" i managed their names to make it easier.



Arabic subtitle not showing using SubsSupport Plugin and latest OpenPLI 4

12 May 2016 - 17:55



I am using the latest OpenPLI 4, installed subsupport but cant get the arabic subtitles to show up, it shows like that




The english subs works perfect.



when i go to plugins --> subsupport settings --> Embedded Subtitles settings it says "You hae OpenPli-based image, please change embedded subtitles settings in settings / system / subtitles settings,


witch means that the plugin depend on the image subtitles settings.


since openpli have its own subtitle options, i didn't change anything, it worked very good for english subs but i dont know if its from the plugin or from openpli, here are my settings in the subtitle section




in subsupport general settings the encoding is set to arabic. i am using subsupport DVB player.