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In Topic: TSmedia enigma2 plugin 1.0

8 January 2017 - 03:31

Hello mfaraj57, great update, I really like this plugin and I use it and many people in Spain, the problem is that there is only an addon for movies in Spanish language, a long time ago that addon pelisalacarta works well in version 4.03 but not in Later, now addon pelisalacarta has updated to version 4.2.0 beta, and we would greatly appreciate if you can include this latest version in your plugin as it brings many new movie servers, here I leave the link in case you want to make it possible, thank you very much .
Sorry for my translation from google

In Topic: TSmedia enigma2 plugin 1.0

18 October 2016 - 18:51

TSmedia Multimedia center version 11.3

not working addons removed
fixed not working movies servers
fixed bugs


by telnet method

opkg update && opkg install -force-overwrite http://www.tunisia-dreambox.info/TSmedia/software_official/enigma2-plugin-extensions-tsmedia_11.3_all.ipk
from TSpanel/TS addons/TSmedia

from TSmedia/desktop/tools/software updates




hello mfaraj57, thanks for the new version of the plugin, just wanted to tell you that the pelisalacarta addon still does not show all links to the web of movies only shows six sites, plus this addon and tvalacarta still not acyualizados, appreciate that fix this problem..
Thank you

In Topic: TSmedia enigma2 plugin 1.0

23 August 2016 - 15:51

i tried the  http://blog.tvalacar...arta/descargar/ but gave me several errors
i will try with tv one

I've tried and I download properly, not where you have the problem, it may be the browser, any questions can help you, thank you very much for your concern ...


In Topic: TSmedia enigma2 plugin 1.0

23 August 2016 - 14:00

Thank you
Tomorrow will check it


hello mfaraj57, forgot to tell you that the addon tvalacarta the same thing happens to pelisalacarta, left several much more updated versions, here I leave the link addon
thank you very much

In Topic: TSmedia enigma2 plugin 1.0

18 August 2016 - 22:30

hello mfaraj57, since you update the pelisalacarta addon to version 4.0.9 does not work properly, this addon now updated to version 4.1.2 with significant improvements, please, when you can perform the upgrade. 
besides that these latest versions are not working well in tsmedia, they appear very few web links tsmedia in this addon and there are many more ..
Thank you very much.