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In Topic: Reading EPG data from OpenTV (28.2E and 13 E)

26 May 2019 - 19:14

How are you dowloading the epg.dat ? is it a url ?

2boom has a plugin that can handle epg.dat............it will handle the file produced on one e2 box and download it to another at least.




In Topic: The end of Rytec EPG?

13 April 2019 - 22:46

yes, very interested but i can even register on the other site, my email addy for the last 20 years is not valid lol

In Topic: The end of Rytec EPG?

1 April 2019 - 16:45


The problem Willy is that you do all the hard work on your own and in the background. Not many people truly appreciate the amount of hard work you put into EPG for E2 receivers for free.

If you remember, I suggested that the channels file should be on GitHub, people can submit changes that way.

There are many people with IT backgrounds who frequent the forum. I am sure if you open up and allow others to assist, they will gladly do so.

You do so much for the community. Don't let any misplaced labelling of your efforts keep you down. You have been doing a fantastic job.

the problem with this is that if doglover makes his scripts publically available to anyone, that many more people will start scraping those websites....... which in return may cause counter-measures from these websited to stop these site scrapings.

so I understand his reluctance to make this public - best keep a low profile on this to remain 'unnoticed' by the websites.



The channel list is used to ref the epg data by the epgimporter plugin, anyone can download it, the plugin dose so everytime you update epg. Its not the actual grab ini for data.


The problem is with the commercial epg.....IMO mostly pay server IPTV providers.  Now everyone is at it, where as it was not an issue previously.

Further more the TV guide websites dont just give the data out, a lot have protection to stop exactly what is being scraped from them.....


How many EPG data stream channels are out there like the one on 28.2 ?? Do other sats have them too ??

That would be the best option for e2 users, provided the code could be added to the image to collect it.... i seem to remember a post about 28.2 a while back....


@doglover just to say thanks for all the work over the years, much appreciated.

In Topic: PLI images for new Zgemma H9 Combo and Twin

24 March 2019 - 19:17

8gb flash, internal sata, CI......... the new combo / twin versions look good.

In Topic: mn8847x support

22 March 2019 - 13:56

defconfig is always BSP?

 i know i am not meant to edit that file.... but can i  ??