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In Topic: OpenPli 7.1 auf Et 4000 - Mediaportal installation

13 March 2021 - 09:42

Installiere Mediaportal und wenn es gebraucht wird das mpgz als ipk, Google hilft beim suchen.

In Topic: Crash PLI images

7 March 2021 - 09:54



if the box crashes and I can no longer get onto the box from the outside, unfortunately it is not possible to get a log! If by chance I notice the system files ect. disappeared, possibly a log with a statement, but here the box does not yet provide a crash log.


The box has been running for the 2nd day without a crash with Pli 7.3, of course without an update after the flash.

In Topic: Crash PLI images

6 March 2021 - 10:33

Hello WanWizard,


"This has been explained many times before."


Thanks for the explanation, since I am mostly in the German forum and this was not to be read there, I also cannot know. Nevertheless, there must be an error in the system if my H7S crashes afterwards?
And as I said, that wasn't the case before the new formatting / images for the H7, everything worked.


If that is the case, I can only use the Pli image without updating, if at all!


Greetings Mikel

In Topic: Crash PLI images

5 March 2021 - 17:11



Here is an example, if I flash a current Pli 7.3 on my Zgemma H7S, the following is displayed when I go to update:
"Do you want to update your receiver? (167 updates available) re-flashing is recommended!"

Where does the update come from when the image is up to date? When I do this, as already described, my box had a total crash after some time, sometimes only after 1-2 days, I noticed in between that it then deleted system files and plugins independently. Images from the OEA are not affected.


What could that be? Error only after converting new formatting / images for the box some time ago.

In Topic: Crash PLI images

5 March 2021 - 11:57



I now have the box in operation without an update and will see whether it crashes repeatedly.
Then I can never do an update if the system offers these many updates every time, with the note you should re-flash?
And then my box crashes and nothing works.

If there are innovations, do I have to flash again every time?


What's the point? Where is the mistake here?


When can I update without having a problem?