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In Topic: Where can I set the pathway of the picons in Openpli 9.0?

2 April 2024 - 19:55

Nothing has changed in OpenPLi with regards to picon resolving between OpenPLi 7 and now.


I understand that there was no change in the Picons aspect. But how can HDGlass 17 Skin (which is one of the best customizable skin) points under 9.0? Surely your creator wants to prick Openpli users. But no problem, I give up on HDGLASS 17.But you can't tell you where to read the picons. You only need to change a path that could be rewritten in settings or some XML.What if I have a flash drive in a folder I would like to place the skin I made?

In Topic: Where can I set the pathway of the picons in Openpli 9.0?

2 April 2024 - 19:32

The location of picons is not related to the skin in use.


Nothing in OpenPLi installs picons in that location, which suggests you should not ask to change OpenPLi, but whatever non-standard thing the picons installed in that location.


If that is HDGlass, then it double sucks, as it replaces the core enigma code to resolve picons.


So contact the author of that skin, and ask to correct the mistakes made and remove the override code. Or make sure the code can handle standard locations.

I mean it.But Openpli 7.3 worked properly. It's another thing again that doesn't work properly under Openpli 9.0. Should I return to Openpli 7.3 or install another image?

In Topic: Where can I set the pathway of the picons in Openpli 9.0?

2 April 2024 - 19:02


Why do you want to change the path for the picons?
If you installed the picons from the feeds on the HDD, the path is set correctly and Enigma will 'find' the picons itself.
Normally the picons are installed in /media/hdd/picon/
if you install the picons 'in the flash' you'll find them in /picon/


Openpli 7.3 is in Flash and OpenPli 9.0 in the Multiboot. The Picons are in the/hdd/media/hdg_17file/picon folder. That's why I would like to change the path.

And under 9.0 you don't want to work with HDGlass17 Skin. I have to use the base.

In Topic: No picture only sound

5 February 2024 - 00:23

And what if you timeshift the service?
I’m speculating the provider transmits with a deviated timing.

If I record the show, when playback, there is a picture and sound

In Topic: No picture only sound

3 February 2024 - 00:20

VU+ Duo 4K with Blackhole 3.1.0 image  picture and sound is ok.