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Open PLI 3.0 Hard Drive Problem

16 October 2013 - 00:35



I am having problem adding my USB drive to my VU+ Solo box. I have read similar problem experienced by other users on the forum. In my case I select to initialise the drive via the main menu and after about 30 seconds I get a timeout error message. The drive worked on a previous satellite box which was also running Enigma 2.


I tried updating the image on my box to the latest but because it's a clone the box then would not boot - black screen. To repair the box I had to re-load a clone safe image (v 3.0 August 2012).


On one occasion I was able to initilalise the box via a different menu (I think it was via a plug-in) but I have searched and searched but cannot find the option. On this occasion although the drive was successfully added and I was able to record to it, when I tried to record a few days later the box reported that no hard drive was connected!


Any ideas?



Play button on remote

14 September 2013 - 20:06



First up just wanted to say thanks for an amazing image, I'm using v 3.0 and it's super stable and very slick, a real joy to use!


I have a question regarding the Media Player. I have a Vu+ Solo and I want to access the recorded movies and programs on my hard drive. On my previous box (Kahti 900) I could press the play button on the remote and it would open the media browser. On the Vu+ box pressing this key doesn't do anything. Instead I have to go into plugins, select the media browser, etc,.


Is there a short cut to access and play my recordings.